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FAAwait app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 1488 ratings )
Weather Travel
Developer: Bryan Figler
0.99 USD
Current version: 3.1.2, last update: 8 months ago
First release : 09 Aug 2008
App size: 13 Mb

FAAwait provides real-time access to current air traffic delays at all U.S. airports. It utilizes a data feed maintained by the FAA that tracks departure and arrival delays, ground stops, and ground delays. To access this information, an active internet connection (WiFi or cellular) is required.

FAAwait does NOT provide status information for specific flights. But by monitoring airport traffic conditions, you can often anticipate delays that may impact your travel, sometimes before the airlines themselves officially update their schedules.

For more information on FAAwait, refer to the links below.

Note: This application is not provided or endorsed by the FAA.

Pros and cons of FAAwait app for iPhone and iPad

FAAwait app good for

Alright app. Useful before heading to the airport to drop off or pick up. I like the weather advisory page but would like to see the legend colors match those used on the map.
I am very impressed. Having a sense for the status of the major airports in the FAA system is of tremendous value to even infrequent travelers. This ability to "know before you go" is great. I installed it just to get a sense for what it can do, and it works as advertised. This one will stay on my phone. What a great use of an existing data source. My complements to the developers.
I really love this app. I happen to work at a major airlport for a major airline and I know right before, or durring work about any ground delay programs. Just wish it would give, somehow access to airline delays. That wouldbe very helpfull when traveling.
Does exactly what it says - shows arrival problems at airports. Sure, you can use, but if youve ever tried to navigate the ancient javascript of the free site on an iphone (or blackberry for that matter), youll be glad to spend the dollar for this gem. The 90 degree rotation to see the map is icing on the cake. Great stuff.
My partner just called to say, "My Flight out of SFO has been delayed...but theyre not saying why." So while he was on the phone....I hopped on my trusty iPhone, checked out FAAwait, and knew immediately that it was being delayed 31-45 (increasing) Minutes due to, "Weather: Wind". When I relayed the information to him he looked out the window and said, "OH, those planes ARE a bit wobbly coming in." Needless to say If youre the home base for a frequent flyer ... youll find it very useful.
For a frequent traveller. I can tell you if you dont want to spend the money that there are always delays at JFK 30-40 min due to volume. This app does give you a good sense of what airports are behind and it is a direct feed from the FAA.

Some bad moments

Great app until the new update now it crashes every time I open! Until fixed DO NOT WASTE TOUR MONEY to buy this app
May be useful for some, but is not helpful if you are flying to a non-major airport. This program has no options. It only displays major airport delays. No way to even lookup conditions at a smaller airport like you can on the FAA website. I regret buying this.
I purchased this app 2 days ago and always get a connection error. I have only been able to access the FAA information one time so far. So far i am very disappointed.
This app is broken, keeps telling me I have a connection error for over a week now. Wifi 3G edge doesnt matter.
This app used to work great. Lately, it constantly gives a Connection error message
App used to be first rate 5 * Now it has lost all usability and maintenance from the developer. Sad to see a good app die.